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Breakfasts are an extra service (12€/adult/day and 6€/child/day) that we offer to all the guests that want to enjoy a full breakfast with oganic products and/or fair trade. They are employed with 24 hours beforehand and they are served at the mezanine from 8.30h to 10.30h.

If you stay in a room (without a kitchennete) on Friday night, Saturday night or bank holidays; breakfast are included in the price.

We are proud of offering a buffet with a close service and high quality products:

  • Organic charcuterie: Catalan cold meats, ham, bacon.
  • Artisan and organic goat's cheese:  fine herbs and black pepper.
  • Daily omellettes made with organic eggs and seasonal ingredients. 
  • Homemade iogurts.
  • Fresh fruit juices according to season. Organic juices all year.
  • Milk: cow's milk, soy milk, rice milk etc.
  • Proximity choice of sweet pastries. 
  • Local bread.

Please, let us know any food alergy or intolerance in order to provide the best service. We offer veggie, vegan and gluten free options.

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