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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations will be guaranteed by a charge of 75 € / room. Upon receipt of payment, our booking confirmation will be communicated via e-mail to the customer. In case of cancellation of reservation before 7 days, we save the desposit for a future reservation. Cancellation between 7 days and 48 hours before the date of entry, will mean the loss of only this amount, as long as we are notified, and we respond. In case of long stays or stays in August, 25% of the total stay will be applied, and 45% of the total if canceled one week before arrival. Cancellation of the reservation made just before the date of entry (> 48 hours) will be charged 75% of the total stay. In the event of no notice or presentation, the charge of 100% of the stay will apply.

Reservations made in advance will be guaranteed by a charge of 30% of the total stay. 30 days before the day of entry you will have to pay the remaining 70%, leaving for the day of departure any extras and the Tourist Tax. In case of cancellation of the reservation before 30 days, it will suppose the loss of 30%. In case of cancellation less than 30 days in advance, it will mean the loss of 100% of the price of the stay.

Reservations made shortly (less than 30 days before the date of entry) will be guaranteed by 100% of the total cost of the stay, leaving for the day of departure any extres and Tourist Tax. The amount is non-refundable in case of cancellation.

Check-in (entrance) is from 15:30 to 19:30. If you expect to arrive later, we would ask you to let us know the aproximate time of arrival please.

Check-out is before 12:00. Late check-out (check-out 17h) can only be confirmed once here and always according to availability. The price for late check-out is 20 € total.

Yes, with limited access and speed.

Yes, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Due to COVID-19 there will be restrictions and limitations in this space. Remember to bring flip flops, a swimsuit and a swimming cap. We provide bathrobes for adults and towels for children.

No, the water is not cold but one tends to associate the relative warmth of the room, and the pool with the idea of a spa. Our pool is not a spa. We heat it with renewable energy, biomass chips, to a temperature of 27-29ºC, which is an ideal temperature to exercise in.

We also have a jacuzzi for the colder months but this is closed in summer.

Due to preventive reasons related to COVID19, the jacuzzi will be closed.

Yes. You can bring one or two pets at the most, but only to the cottages. It is important for the owner to be fully responsible all the time and for you to ask us for this option when booking. There are two dogs, Toffee and Kira, and two cats, Shoots and Greaseman at l’Avenc.

The underground car park is a service that is included in the price of your stay. When you get here drive straight into the carpark and then come up to reception. It is straightforward and practical.

L’Avenc is not designed specifically with children in mind. Having said that, parents who wish to have a holiday with their children surrounded with opportunities to learn about and appreciate the natural world, are very welcome. What is essential is to state that children need to be watched and accompanied at all times. If what you were looking for was a place where your children can run around alone without supervision, L’Avenc is not the place. There are dangers around insofar as the geographical layout with cliffs and boulders, and the building themselves with drops, ponds and the pool. Notwithstanding as mentioned before it’s an ideal place to spend quality time with children and explore, learn and discover new things that are not possible in a more urban environment. Above all we would like to emphasise that L’Avenc is a place to relax and reflect, this is what we like to offer and ask for a peaceful atmosphere, thinking about other guests and to keep as quiet as possible when walking along corridors, swimming pool or in the common areas

No, l’Avenc is not really the typical country cottage experience or a self-catering farmhouse and does work in this way. We have a variety of options to suits our guests best needs: rooms, studios, cottages for couples and families. We have common areas such as the pool and car park and has a cross-between country-hotel and self-catering atmosphere

Pre-arranged guided tours are possible for up to 15 people. The tour takes 2 hours and costs a total of 50.00€ to be shared out.

L’Avenc has accommodations for 2, 4 and 6 people. Each family unit is for the sole use of the family group so as not to disturb the peace and quiet of other guests. For groups exceeding 10 people you need to rent all the rooms and make it an exclusive stay.

You can only drive up to unload if you are staying in one of the cottages, and only as far as the rope barrier. Please be careful not to disturb other guests when you do unload. For those staying in the new wing, please leave your car in the underground car park and bring your luggage up in the lifts. There are trolleys to help you then transport your luggage to your rooms.

We do not have air conditioning because we believe in other more sustainable ways of cooling the rooms, such as fans. The thermostat is only to adjust the temperature of the under-floor heating in the colder months. This heating is turned off during the warmer months.

We provide the bathrooms and shower rooms with a liquid soap dispenser for your hands and one to use as a general hair and body soap. They are both milk and organic.

Yes, you can use the one in the changing rooms outside the pool. There is one in the men’s and one in the women’s changing room. We make our own electricity and the system cannot support lots of hairdryers, as they are high consumers.

Yes. You can ask for a blander at reception and fetch it from us. When you have finished using it, please return it on the same day.

We don’t usually have mosquitos at l’Avenc during the warm months, but you might come across some if you walk around. Mosquitos like water. We have a pond with goldfish, which are not native no Catalunya, but help to keep mosquito population under control.

Yes. You can leave your windows open while you are in the room in the evenings and night-time in the warmer months and during the day in winter. Remember to close them if you are out or you may come back to flies or wet floor if it has rained.

The recycling, compost and rubbish bins are on the left side at the far end of the underground garage. Please help us by sorting your rubbish properly and putting it in the right bins.

If you are in a self-catering cottage or apartment, please let us know the day before if you would like breakfast in the morning. This can be done by coming along to reception or giving us a call during reception hours.

Only the cottages have washing machines. If you are not in a cottage and would like to do a clothes wash, please let us know and we will tell you how and when. It costs 5€.

Our laundry service consists of giving you a net bag or basket for your clothes, which we take and return washed but not dry. You can then hang your clothes out to dry on the clothes horse provided in all the studios and apartments. 

The best way is to ask us at reception to book a massage and we will inform the masseur so she can contact you as soon as possible.

Yes. Please order it the day before at reception and come to El Raconet the following day to pick it up.

We have bags of wood for the stoves at 5€ a bag. Please ask at reception and we will refill your baskets ourselves.

If you prefer it, you can collect your own wood, for your stay, in the forest. The wood we have cut and prepared is not for collectors but for our own use and to sell to our guests.

Please ask at reception when in doubt.

You can. Just let us know and we will add your snacks and drinks onto the bill, to be paid at check out. This service is based on trust. Please help us to keep it this way.

In case of electric storm, thunder and lightning, it is better not to swim on be in the pool area.

No, we don’t have bikes to rent. If you would like to rent a bike, the nearest place is in Les Preses, near Olot. We encourage you to hike at l’Avenc. If you like cycling, you are welcome to bring your own bikes but need to be fairly fit due to the terrain.

Definitely not. Under 12-year-olds must always be supervised by an adult at all times, especially near dangerous areas such as the swimming pool and high walls or drops. If we see children alone their parents will be contacted immediately. Please take note of our rules and help us to keep the atmosphere relaxed and calm.

If you have visitors wanting to stay, they need to ask at reception (preferably with previous notice) and can only stay if they book a room or if your cottage, apartment, or room has the extra capacity to accommodate them.

If your visitor would like to spend the day here, please ask us first previous to their visit, and specially if they intend to swim or sunbathe.

Please respect the maximum capacity of each type of accommodation.

The phone in all the rooms is only for internal communication. To phone out, you will need to use your mobile phone. To contact reception, dial 20 and we will be able to answer your queries, comments or questions.

There is little or no signal inside the buildings but if you go outside, you will find spots where you can phone. Ask your phone company for more information in case you still have no signal.

Belinda and Quim, the owners, live at l’Avenc. For emergencies, phone reception and you will be put through to their house. There is also a mobile number for text messages or whattsapps in case of emergencies.

Please do not use the mobile number for anything other than emergencies or urgent questions. The rural wellbeing that is our aim is not only for our guests but should be for all those involved to ensure tranquillity when not working.

The rooms are designed for rest and sleep. Please, book a table for dinner at El Raconet. If you prefer to go out, use the local restaurants for meals by booking a table to ensure service: Tavertet, Rupit, Cantonigròs are all good choices. We also do have self-catering cottages if you are wanting to eat in.