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Supper service: We have vegetarian, vegan and meat options for supper prepared to take away for the self-catering accomodation or served in the main hall available for all the rooms. Please reserve a table or a take-away option. This service will be temporarily cancelled from the 20th of December until further notice.

We offer take-away food, a light menu or a complete menu. 

  • Take away  (depending on what is available) =from 15€/persona
  • Light menu: main dish, dessert, a glass of wine and bread = 25€/person
  • Complete menu: Starters, main dish, dessert, a glass of wine and bread = 35€/person + 4.50€ (meat)

Please let us know in time if you'd like to book a meal or table and if you are allergic or intolerant to any food so we can prepare your menu to your food restrictions and requirements.

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