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Make the most of your stay by having one of our massages. Enjoy, relax, and release tensions not only by staying in this special place, but also by being pamped by our professional masseur. The massage not only releaves aches, pains and strain, but it also gives you a deep feeling of wellbeing: peace, harmony and contentment.

Some of our massages:

  • Holistic massage 1 hour 1 person = 60€ 
  • Reflexology 1 hour 1 person = 60€
  • Taster Massage, 2 people, 40' each = 85€
  • Massage for children, 1 person (between 3 and 12 years old) 30' = 35€
  • Massage for pregnant women 1 hour 1 person = 60€

           * These prices may change on Christmas, New Year's Eve and on the visit of The Three Wise Men.


The service massage is available from 9.30h to 13.00h and from 16.00h to 20.00h. Please, make sure you book in advance before your stay.

Send us an email to info@avenc.com if you are interested in having a massage and include your details. The masseur will contact you as soon as possible and she'll tell you about all the massage menu.

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